awkward api s2

AWKWARD API, a mini series

a chill and funky mic for the weirdos in the crowd.

Awkward API shadows friends on their existential tangents as they reflect on the identities they carry, the communities they belong to, and how they heal along the way. join us for stories about our youthful misfortunes, our radical ideas, and the occasional shade throwing or two. listen in and follow us on our journeys #awkwardapi

new episodes every month

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episode 12


from intergenerational trauma to celebrating joy, newbies Ericka (she/her) and Lyna (she/her) guest star on the mic to share how they navigate and practice intimacy in their partnered relationships.

cw: sexual violence, survivorship

#seasontwo #girlgab #intimacyolympics


episode 11


the girls sit down and talk office politics, power in the workplace, and share how they advocate for themselves. look out for The ILL NANA coming this spring!

#seasontwo #girlgab #powerpoliticking


episode 10

Trauma takes its pound of flesh

queer brooklyn-based social justice warrior Hyunhee (she/her) shares her journey back to her mother culture through radical self-care and grassroots organizing.

cw: ptsd, family trauma, survivorship.

#seasontwo #girlgab #homecoming


episode 9


we sat down with some of detroit's brightest minds to talk about pain and adult advocacy. 3 poets, 2 cities, 1 mic. this episode also includes a special producer's chat with Youth Speaks Future Corp Fellow, Devin Samuels (he/him).

so real quick, show up for the young people and follow their flow: Imani Nichele (she/her), Sombade (she/her), and  (he/him). make sure to like InsideOut Literary Arts and support the transformative work they do, too.

#seasontwo #poetsparadise #extendedcut



episode 8

mongols on the one train, fake accents, and train bae? Deezy (she/her) and friends dig into their petty purse to share how they survive the nyc transportation complex. 

#seasontwo #pettymayonnaise


rihanna is my patronus

episode 7

she's audacious. she's sexy. she gives no fucks. Deezy (she/her) opens up season two with our favorite Shannon (she/her) for a girl gab session on Rihanna's growth within the music industry and how it mirrors their own journeys through womanhood. 

mix by Tiff Hrndz (she/her). make sure you check out documentary film The Ill NaNa.

#seasontwo #girlgab3

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