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2016 creatives

The Equity Lab and Yope hold space for a night of praise, wonder, and creative expression. cool kids doing cool things is the turn up, the glow up, and your thursday night plug. you with it?


Abdul Fattah Ismail

Extended Syllables is the poetry debut of Abdul Fattah Ismail. an advertising and marketing veteran, he has been writing creatively for twenty years. his book is a wide set of deconstructed popular text, from music history to chemistry, the cold war and food politics. the results are dazzling and urbane, yet familiar

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Abdul's set features DJ Bianca ig: dj.bianca soundcloud: djbianca

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latina from miami, studying poetry at the new school

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Andrew Kung

my path is a bit unconventional. i went to business school at cal, worked at linkedIn in a strategy/data analytics role, and am now quitting to pursue freelance photography.

i moved to nyc 6 months ago with this goal in mind and it's happening a lot sooner than i thought. scared, nervous, excited are a few understatements to describe my transition but hey, life is too short. i'm not going to look back at the excel models i've build and the $ impact i've had on corporations. i'm stripping away all of the prestige and security for deeper meaning -bless

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Angela Lucia Sharp

a researcher, advocator, and multimedia creative with a passion for social justice issues and civic engagement. her personal scholarship focuses on counterbalancing colonial practices through the use of mediated identity research, oral history methodologies, documentary practices, archival research and interactive storytelling


> digital media storytelling


Cameron Robert

a photographer based in nyc that views the world through colors

ig: @cont4ct

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a fierce 24 year old colombian citizen, migrated to the united states at 4 years old with her mom. she reps brentwood, long island but is currently holding it down in the boogie down bronx. after a long journey of searching high and low for what she was truly passionate about, Jessica is finally graduating from the city college of new york in may 2017 with a bachelors degree in communications, specializing in advertising and minoring in sociology. although she will soon join the corporate world, she still considers herself a free-spirit, home-grown entrpreneur. she is constantly working on multiple business ventures, (loh-kuhl-moh-tiv) being the closest to her heart. ouside of class Jessica's usually working on a master plan to change the world with help of her loyal ass younger sister, Tiffany. you can follow her on her journey on instagram and twitter

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> movement maker


Raven Cras

i am a community organizer, writer, social justice facilitator out here in ny trying to live an enjoyable life that involves more than the fight for liberation. originally from denver, co, moved to atlanta for college, lived breifly in france, some call me a cosmopolitan person, but i'm just a black girl trying to see the world

yt: raven cras        ig: @apoem2go

> poems & spoken word


Shannon Smith

where there's no filter for your patriarchy

freak nasty and creative

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since the womb, Tiffany has been creating, cultivating, and curating art of all forms. the 20-year old colombian artist is a bronx transplant who was raised in brentwood, long island. her art forms include, but are not limited to: rushed poetry, amateur iphone photography, collaging the inside of her mind on paper, and making care packages for strangers. she spends her days balancing a double major in english and sociology, a small business, and being a decent human being. in her free time, Tiffany perfects her smoothie recipes, collects records, and discusses the fate of humanity with her older sister

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